What Should Shopping Centers Do To Survive The Pandemic?

cannon hill shopping mall

The COVID-19 pandemic definitely crippled every conceivable business, whether commercial lease in Brisbane or otherwise. Unfortunately, shopping centers practically in all four corners of the globe have taken a serious hit. Since quarantine measures are currently in place and strictly enforced, everyone is asked to stay home. Even after the quarantine, malls are still limited to their bare minimum operations.

The question remains, will shopping centers bounce back after the pandemic? Or will the absence of shopping centers be part of the “new normal?” This perhaps is a common question for many people. This question stems out after the massive closure of all public establishments such as restaurants, health and fitness clubs, department stores, movie houses, and more. There is obviously some serious financial damage to commercial lease in Brisbane and other cities worldwide. 

Shopping centers are here to stay

Good news! Shopping centers and malls are already an integral part of every human being’s entertainment and utility. All human needs and wants are found in shopping centers in Brisbane and all other cities the world over. 

Malls make it easy and convenient for everyone. It’s literally a gigantic one-stop-shop where everything is made available from groceries to hardware needs. This is one of the greatest characteristics of a shopping center. It is literally impossible to imagine a life without them around.

How will shopping centers cope after taking a big hit?

Malls have to change to cope with the times. Shopping center operations have to be aligned to adjust to new ways of consumer purchasing behavior while health protocols are observed. Here are some of the ways they can do to survive and adjust during the pandemic.

Health and Safety

Health and safety and two of the most essential considerations for public places like shopping centers. Mall operators and management should come up with in-depth and comprehensive health and safety protocols for visitors. This should cover the entire visit from the time of arrival to departure. 

Temperature checks, foot bath, and hand sanitizing before entry are just some of the arrival precautionary measures. Of course, other establishments would also have their other ways of ensuring health protocols are met. 

When inside the shopping center in Brisbane or Melbourne or any major city, instructional signages should be clear and posted everywhere. These signages should serve as:

  • Guide for “one-direction” traffic inside the mall premises
  • Point to different sanitizing and disinfecting areas
  • Reminder to always observe social distancing
  • Strict implementation of wearing face masks/face shields

Limited foot traffic inside stores

Depending on the size, stores should only limit X number of customers at any given time. This is to ensure that safe and social distancing is observed. It also limits too much physical contact with the customers and store personnel of those who are in a commercial lease in Brisbane, Tokyo, or New York shopping centers.

Contact Tracing Forms

To further implement safety protocols, stores may also implement filling out contact tracing forms before letting in customers. This is to ensure that contact tracing measures can easily be lodged, if necessary. Such a measure is highly recommended for restaurants and the ever-trusted supermarket in Cannon Hill or other neighborhood grocery stores.

Social Media Communication

This is the perfect time to use social media. Instead of customers physically visiting the store, announcements and other correspondences may be communicated through various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is highly advisable and even advantageous for apparel in Cannon Hill shopping stores and other fashion houses. Restaurants and bistros may also want to take advantage of this.

Online Delivery Possibility

Business is still ongoing but without the need for customers to visit the store. Such an effort is highly related to the use of social media. Customers may just choose from what’s posted online, then they can opt for it to be home delivered. To some degree, this may be both profitable for the business and convenient and safe for the customers.

It will take time but things will eventually be fine

Patience is definitely a virtue. Absolutely no businesses could have ever prepared for a pandemic such as this to happen. It has taken everyone by surprise. However, every human being is resilient and resourceful. The new normal ways are already being done and observed with the inclusion of shopping centers.

Soon enough everyone can start to freely do groceries at their trusted supermarket in Cannon Hill or shop leisurely in an apparel store in Cannon Hill Shopping Center. Soon. At this point, measures have to be strictly in place to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Then, everyone can all go back to living a normal life (whatever “normal” may mean).

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