How A Cannon Hill Salon Becomes The Answer To Have That Dream Hair

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A Cannon Hill salon is easily considered as a girl’s best friend. However, men are also getting more involved and serious with their hair care as well. Nowadays, no one is judged by how serious they are with their hair care regimen. Gone are days when going to the salon for hair treatments is only reserved for females. 

Regardless of gender, people gravitate towards a well-rounded hair care routine to achieve that perfect crowning glory. Though this is possible to attain at home, it is still recommended to have some professional treatment. Of course, this is only possible in a top-notch Cannon Hill salon. These salons house experts who definitely know the appropriate treatments and procedures for any given hair damage or dilemma.

Importance of hair care 

Here are just some of the reasons why hair care is important. Yes, it certainly goes simply looking and smelling great all the time. Though this is one of the reasons, it’s just barely scratching the surface. 

Expression of personality 

Hair does not only connote one’s crowning glory. It also becomes an extension of one’s personality. Regardless of hairstyle, whether it is formal or hip, conservative or outrageous, it speaks volumes on how someone is like. Taking care of one’s hair paves the way for self-expression. 

Healthy hair is able to withstand anything that it is subjected to. However, it can only take so much. Too much dying, chemically-induced, and heat exposure damage the hair. Therefore, it needs to be taken care of by following simple hair care steps at home or regularly visiting a Cannon Hill salon for restorative treatments.

Sign of good personal hygiene 

Not only does taking care of the hair make it radiant and healthy, but it also says a lot about one’s hygiene. One’s hair is an important component of the body that needs a lot of TLC. Regular hair washing gets rid of excess oil which are the culprits behind the unsightly and annoying dandruff. Also, not washing one’s hair shall result in putrid and pungent odor that can drive people away.

True enough, regular hair washing and maintenance promote overall body cleanliness. Aside from emitting bad smell, unwashed and ungroomed hair eventually leads to a weakened immune system. This is precisely because of harmful bacteria that can easily find their way inside the body. Therefore, infections and other diseases may stem from simply not having a regular hair cleaning regimen.

Avoid hair damage and worse, hair loss 

Without proper care and hygiene, hair becomes brittle and sensitive. As such, simple activities and day-to-day exposure make it prone to damage and breakage. Activities such as running, even that daily work commute, or anything that involves sun exposure make it appear lifeless and dull. 

Well, lack of focus on hair care regimen is just one of the reasons for its damage. However, even with a regular hair routine in place, some form of damage may still happen. Yes, regular hair treatments make it healthy and strong. Sadly, external forces such as the weather and other activities that people are not mindful of make the hair a potential victim.

Causes of hair damage 

Needless to say, everyone’s hair is susceptible to damage as it is sensitive in nature. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that even the simplest and minute of ways can contribute to a bad hair day (worse, prolonged damage). Let’s first dig deep into these factors that most likely contribute to hair catastrophe:


An unhealthy diet shows through the skin and hair. Essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals play a crucial role in promoting healthy, strong, and generally beautiful hair. Lack of food rich in zinc, folic acid, and iron may result in easy hair breakage or even falling hair. Be sure to include and load up on a lot of fresh fruits and veggies (pretty obvious). This is perhaps one of the best bets to ensure an adequate supply of needed nutrients for healthy hair and of course, a healthy body.


Yes, even a level of stress can damage the hair. Many studies have proven this claim over the years. Too much stress can promote the early appearance of gray hair, hair fall, hair loss, and even alopecia. The abrupt changes that happen internally when someone is subjected to too much stress also manifest in the overall condition of the hair. This goes without saying that stress must be effectively handled by regular visits to the psychologist, meditation, exercise, and proper diet.

Too much hair washing 

Truth be told, too much of everything is not good. The same goes with an overly rigorous hair care routine. Many say washing the hair once a day with shampoo of choice is good. However, other hair experts say that daily shampooing is not advisable. Some shampoos are too strong for everyday use which may result in further hair damage. To be completely sure, consult with an expert to know the correct and appropriate frequency of using shampoo and other products for hair washing. Remember, in times when the use of shampoo is not needed for a certain day, hair can still be thoroughly washed even just with water.

Salon treatments to achieve that dream hair c/o the best Cannon Hill salon 

If the hair has incurred a little bit of damage, don’t despair. There are still these hair treatments to bring back the old grandeur of one’s crowning glory! The price of these hair treatments varies; however, it becomes all worth it. 

Here are some hair treatments that may be considered to achieve the dream most coveted dream hair:

Keratin Treatment 

The Keratin Treatment through the Cannon Hill salon has been a go-to hair treatment to fight frizz and unruliness. This treatment is known to smooth out rough hair while at the same time restoring the hair’s natural luster and body. One can use this treatment to avoid too much use of straightening irons which exposes the hair to too much heat. Even better, the effects of this treatment can last up to six months. That’s much safer compared to daily straight ironing.

Scalp Treatment 

To have the best hair, it has to start from the roots and where it grows. Aside from treatments for the actual hair, the scalp should also be given enough importance. It has to be free from oil and other patches. The scalp treatment basically revolves around exfoliation which promotes further growth of healthy skin in that area.

Hot Oil Treatment 

Everyone’s familiar with this treatment. This may have been present for many decades now, and for good reason. This treatment provides that beautiful and healthy shine which also seals the cuticle. After the treatment, hair feels bouncy, nourished, and restored to its original glory. The hot oil treatment is particularly ideal for those suffering from dry hair. Even better, hot oil treatments don’t last all day to complete. The entire treatment only lasts between 12 and 20 minutes, then ends with a thorough rinsing. 

Toning Treatment 

For those with hair color, this treatment is ideal. The toning treatment is recommended after initial hair coloring. Just like the hot oil treatment, the toning treatment stays on the hair for 12 to 20 minutes before thoroughly rinsing. As it washes, gentle ingredients promote the extension of one’s hair color luster and prevent premature fading. Though there are a number of DIY toning treatments in stores, it is best to have them done by experts in your favorite Cannon Hill salon.

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