Here Are Practical Ways To Further Improve Foot Traffic To Any Store

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The Cannon Hill Shopping Centre stores should be bracing themselves for what’s to come. Yes, people may not immediately troop back to shopping centres. However, in time regular foot traffic shall be restored.

As such, shopping centre stores have to have a concrete and solid plan to entice consumers to visit them once again. Nowadays, shopping centre stores aren’t only competing against their neighbours, but they are also up against the online world.

Many people have resorted to online shopping for several months and it has become a widely acceptable and convenient norm. When this continues, shopping centre stores may see a significant decline in consumer traffic. Unfortunately, this may result in further weakening of its sales opportunities.

What can shopping centre stores do to attract more foot traffic?

Continue to take advantage of people’s support for online shopping

Capitalize and exhaust all social media and online platforms of the store. This should have been a stronghold of the business even before the pandemic. This time around, further strengthened its overall usability. Make consumers buy online. After which, they may go to the physical store location to pick up their purchased items. photography Melbourne

To further attract them to visit the store as opposed to having it delivered, offer some enticing promos. Why not give a 15% discount to those who wish to visit the store to pick up the item? Or, a special freebie may be given to those who take the effort to visit the store. For more information, it is best to visit the “Contact Us at Cannon Hill” section of the website. social media marketing company

Provide an in-depth and complete product inventory online

Studies show that consumers prefer shopping both online and in the physical store. Having a complete product inventory available online enables potential consumers to see if what they want is available in stock. This makes it a lot more convenient for consumers to visit stores under a commercial lease in Brisbane.

It saves them time from going store to store shopping for a specific item they wish to purchase. Potential customers prefer stores that explicitly showcase what they offer (and have it constantly updated). As this is achieved, more people are inclined to visit the store based on what’s presented online. It gives them little reason to look somewhere else. website hosting

It’s all about the eyes, hence, make use of a great window display

Stores practically have few seconds to capture the attention of passers-by. Believe it or not, a great window display is even enough to make consumers buy. The more it speaks to them, the bigger the chances of making that purchase.

Make a window display that’s specifically intended for its target audience. Use animation, colour combination, catchy phrases, intricate style and fashion, and many more. The sky is the limit. Take time to decide on the design concept. Remember, the display serves as a window to the store. Therefore, give customers a reason to look out the window, walk through the door, and leave with a purchase. digital solution

Showcase the best products where they are most visible

Well, this could be part of the window display. Or, it may be a different enticing approach altogether. Putting the best products for everyone to see is enough to pique their interest. The more they look at the products, the higher chances of them wanting to see more. As they enter the store, greet them with a warm and friendly smile and immediately attend to them.

This is a great opportunity to establish rapport with the customers. Pique their interest some more by providing more details about the products. Answer all of their questions the best way possible without being too pushy. Sooner or later, they are surely going to reach out for their credit cards. These are just some of the ways that Cannon Hill Shopping Center stores have mastered over the years.

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