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1145 Wynnum Road, QLD, 4170 to visit Cannon Central Shopping Centre in Cannon Hill. Our location is ideal for people leaving within the community. They don’t have to go far out and visit other places to have the best that any shopping centres elsewhere can offer. We value convenience and that’s precisely the reason behind having Cannon Central’s strategic location within this part of the city to contact us through email. Sending us an email is just one of the means you can get in touch with us. We certainly look forward to any enquiries you have for us. We promise to attend to your questions to soonest possible time. We don’t want you to wait so our dedicated staff are on the lookout for any messages you may wish to send us.

(07) 3390 6955 Contact us during our operating hours and we would love to assist you in any way possible. Should have enquiries about our stores, leasing opportunities, events and other matters, we are just one phone call away. It is our duty and obligation to make sure all your questions are answered the soonest possible time we can. We are here for the community we serve all the time.

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Cannon Hill is a great place to visit spend time in any day you wish to. We, at Cannon Central Shopping Centre will definitely get back you and attend to your enquiries and other concerns the soonest possible time. We thank you for wanting to reach out to us. We are glad to be of service to the people we serve within the community. Rest assured that we will always provide you with fun, excitement, relaxation, and everything else you need so you don’t have to venture far out. We have it all here for you!