Cannon Hill Butcher: Why This Person Is Loved By The Community

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The Cannon Hill butcher must be busy every single day and it comes as no surprise. We all want our pieces of meat to be handled by experts. Therefore, this responsibility falls on the hands of butchers who are highly skilled with meat and everything about it. 

For the most part, we don’t know much about what butchers do. Clearly, they are just more than cutting and preparing our favorite pieces of meat. Behind the obvious, butchers need to have skills and qualifications to be successful in what they do. Here, we dig deeper into different butcher tidbits to have a better grasp of their field of expertise.

Butcher 101 

Here are important details that we need to do about the job, responsibilities, and overall requirements for being a credible Cannon Hill butcher:


Being a butcher is no easy task. Consider them as your surgeons, only they handle meat. If not for them, we won’t enjoy the right cut/piece of meat for every dish we enjoy. Of course, they need to have qualifications in order to be considered an authority in all things meat.

Here are some of them:

High and strictest regard to food safety

Before anything else, butchers handle products that will soon be ingested by all of us. With this said, their minds MUST be set on keeping health and safety as their top priority. Every step they make should stick to the ideals and principles of food safety. 

To make this aspect official, a Cannon Hill butcher needs to complete a Foundation or Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. Different institutions offer such One-day courses for butchers, wait staff/servers, kitchen staff, and other employees involved in food serving and preparation. Though not completely required, having such a certificate increases a butcher’s chances of getting hired.

Completion of some basic training sessions 

Note that this is not a requirement for the most part. However, it makes hiring a little bit easier. Truth be told, cutting pieces of meat is not as simple as it may seem. This task takes precision and accuracy, something that adequate training can only provide. 

In some places, butcher courses are offered as part of a livelihood program. As such, it may be sponsored by the state. On the flip side, there are also learning institutions that offer the same education for a fee. It all depends on the budding butcher on the kind of education he wishes to get. Either choice will be considered an advantage.


A Cannon Hill butcher may jump straight to this stage. Many meat shops are willing to hire those who wish to become a butcher. These shops may provide them on-the-job training. In time, they should be better equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the field. 

However, meat shops may favor those with completed certificate courses. Owners or managers of a meat shop appreciate gaining knowledge from such courses because it shall save them time. This means these butcher hopefuls are most likely prepared to take on some roles and only require minimal supervision.


Here are some of the skills and qualities that butchers need to have to be successful in such an endeavour:

  • High regard to the observance of safety at all times (handling of tools, food safety to avoid contamination, etc.)
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Dexterity 
  • Adequate physical fitness and strength (though some pieces can be done through the use of machinery, most tasks still require manually cutting pieces of meat, strength is necessary for carrying big pieces of meat as well)
  • Great interest in meats and the intricacies of its preparation
  • Topnotch knowledge about meat and other butcher-specific knowledge
  • Customer service and personality development


A butcher’s responsibility varies. It depends on the kind of butchery required by a certain shop/store. Again, it is not just about cutting pieces (this can’t be stressed enough). Here are just some of the duties and responsibilities that a butcher may take charge of:

  • Buying stocks of meat (since they are experts in meat, they know the kind, size, etc. that need to be purchased for the day’s inventory)
  • Delivery and collecting of stock
  • Meat storage
  • Maintenance and learning the use of different required machinery
  • Taking on the counter to serve customers (that’s why personality and customer service orientation is also important)
  • Checking of food and safety compliance especially within his area (needless to say, its implementation is also his main priority)

Why buy from a Cannon Hill butcher? 

Of course, butchers face some tough competition because of pieces of meat from supermarkets. Many shoppers choose the comforts and convenience of pre-cut meat from these shops. However, there are plenty of reasons why buying from a butcher is still the best way to go.

Here are some of them:

You know what you are getting 

Nothing beats having your meat products prepared in front of you. It gives all of us a great sense of security knowing what’s being handed over to us. In times when we want a little bit more details about any meat product, butchers are there to answer all questions. They can let us know where the animal was raised, the part it came from, and other more tidbits of information. 

Better selection and the best-ever meat quality 

Let’s be honest. “Most” supermarkets care about quantity, don’t you agree? Yes, quality is there. However, it is nothing compared to the quality you get from a butcher. The meat’s quality is guaranteed because the butcher is part of its selection process. Being experts on meat products, they definitely won’t get ones that are low-grade or not premium in quality. 

Support local farmers and the local economy in general 

Buying meat products from a butcher means supporting local farmers. This is one of the best ways to support the local economy. Large meat manufacturers already have a steady source of profitability. It won’t hurt if we look at our community so help in the best way we can. 

Best and exceptional service 

Butchers are perhaps one of the most-loved members of the neighbourhood. One of the reasons why butchers flourish is because of their connection and relationship with everyone. Not only do they provide the best and premium meat products but also a warm service that’s surely enough to bring smiles to our faces. 

Their expertise is also endearing. They can give suggestions and cooking tips. Hey, they may also give free samples which we all love! These are just some of the reasons why a Cannon Hill butcher is well-known for providing unmatched and unrivalled service in the community.

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