Here Are Great Shops To Discover At Cannon Central Shopping Centre

cannon hill shopping centre

Choosing the best location is essential, ie. Cannon Central Shopping Centre. This has been said countless times because it does hold water. More than anything else, you need to choose a location that is frequented by your target market with considerable (perhaps, even promising) foot and vehicle traffic.  

Shopping centre consideration 

Where will you find this store/shop location then? With all things considered, your best bet may be at a shopping centre. The centre, for the most part, is an ideal physical location for your store for the following reasons:

– Shopping centres are most likely located in a prime piece of real estate that’s highly accessible to the public

– Significant foot and vehicle traffic are highly likely to be achieved in a shopping center because it serves as a melting pot for everyone in the area/community. 

– People go to shopping centres to hang out and be seen. Even better, those who initially planned on just doing window shopping end up purchasing something.

– Shopping centres have flexible leasing terms to accommodate even startups. This makes it convenient for entrepreneurs to find a physical address for their business (with good chances of profitability). It is ideal and highly recommended to hire a real estate/tenant broker to facilitate most of the leg work.

Shopping centre leasing 

A commercial lease agreement is a formal document between the tenant and the landlord. The document has all the terms and conditions pertaining to the rent of the space. The commercial lease agreement is also a binding document that protects the rights of both the landlord and the tenant. All stipulations in the agreement cement the foundation of a fair, equal, and healthy business partnership between the two concerned parties.

Cannon Central Shopping Centre 

This particular shopping centre houses many establishments that meet the essential needs of the community. Complying with the commercial leasing agreements between the tenants and the centre, everyone in the community benefits from the convenience these establishments bring. 

So, what does this commercial centre offer to the community? Well, here are just some of the shops readily available to be of service to everyone:


Everyone deserves to have easy access to fresh produce. This is perhaps one of the best ways to promote healthier eating habits, especially to kids. Imagine the benefits from eating meals made only from the freshest ingredients within close proximity to everyone’s homes. Thankfully, Woolworth is one of the establishments found in Cannon Central Shopping Centre to make this possible.

The Butcher Shop 

Different meat products find their way on our tables. However, preparing it can be a little bit daunting especially for non-experts like most of us. Cutting for one proves to be one of the most challenging aspects of meat preparation. Because of its level of difficulty, many people just go for the basic cuts limiting the dishes to be served.

This is not the case for Cannon Hill residents and visitors. Because of The Meat Shoppe, people have convenient access to professionally prepared and cut pieces of meat perfect for any dish. Everyone can select either already prepared meat pieces or have butchers do customized cuts. 

Aldi Supermarket 

Fresh produce? Check.

Quality yet affordable apparel? Check.

Premium-cut meats? Check.

Dental Care? Check.

What about other household items? Check! Cannon Central has this covered as well. Everyone in the area doesn’t have to go far to get their other necessities. Grocery shopping has to be easy and hassle-free for everyone. This is the case given that everyone’s too busy making ends meet.

Fortunately, grocery shopping only takes just a short drive to find what they are looking for. Whether it’d be for some lovely dessert ingredients or a handy-dandy mop to wipe off that stain- Aldi Supermarket has it all.

TK Maxx 

For quite a while, everyone has had this impression that quality equates to a sky-high price. Whether clothes, shoes, or accessories, it seems that such an impression holds true all the time. Social media, TV, and magazines have somehow inculcated this in our minds. 

However, this is not true for the most part. There are shops like TK Maxx that offer good quality apparel for a fraction of the cost. In this centre, there’s TK Maxx to introduce the community to great fashion finds without breaking the bank.

JJ Hair Edge 

Personal style definitely goes more than what you wear. Of course, one’s crowning glory deserves all the care in the world. However, some are discouraged to do so just because a good salon usually is located far from home. Worse, its services perhaps may cost a fortune.

Well, it’s great to be in Cannon Hill! Even the best hair salon is within everyone’s reach! Everyone’s just a few minutes away from the best hair care treatments and has the most stylish hairstyle. Have all these services at a reasonable price. What can be better than that?

Maven Dental 

Dental care is one of the most essential necessities of everyone. From cleaning for better oral hygiene to extensive dental surgery, it would be perfect to have a clinic that’s closer to home. Being within close proximity to the neighborhood means better chances of achieving good oral and dental health for everyone. 

People in the community are assured that excellent dental care is provided within just a few minutes away from home. Thanks to Maven Dental, it is considered one of the community’s top dental care providers. This top-notch dental clinic is one of the establishments found in Cannon Central Shopping Centre.

Cannon Hill Ultrasound 

Further medical care is essential for everyone. Also, it is important to note that medical care/attention goes far beyond regular checkups or doctor consultations. Here, even ultrasound services are necessary to check on some of the following cases:

– Liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen,

– Joints, lumps, and other bumps that cause concern,

– Bladder, kidneys, prostate health,

– Even for females such as their pelvis, fetal health (when pregnant), follicular tracking, uterus, ovaries,

– Other important parts that need some ultrasound done

Cannon Hill Ultrasound, located in Cannon Central Shopping Centre is a family-owned clinic that has the best and experienced sonographers. The clinic comes with top-of-the-class ultrasound machines and other related equipment. With this clinic within the community, they have a go-to clinic for an ultrasound and all their other radiology needs.

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