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Butcher Shoppe in Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill The Butcher Shoppe

The Butcher Shop takes their meat seriously

The Butcher Shoppe, an established butcher shop Cannon Hill Shopping, Brisbane extends to even the third generation of butchers who pride themselves on quality. We are extremely proud to have the Butcher Shoppe at our newly renovated Cannon Hill location. 

At The Butcher Shoppe you’ll find the best meat at some extremely competitive prices, which they have refined to an art form. Considered to be meat lovers’ paradise, The Butcher Shoppe brings forth meat products that are comparable to none.

Quality and Quantity, here it is a perfect combination

Quality and quantity- all come together here. One can find as much meat products they yearn and crave for. Even better, its quality is among the best in the country, well, even the world over. It’s premium, as premium as it can ever be.

The Butcher Shoppe, a butcher shop around Cannon Central Cannon Hill, Brisbane accommodates all customers. If there is something you want that they don’t have, they are always willing to go above and beyond to source it. This way, they live up to their commitment of making their customers happy at all times.

However, don’t take our word for it. Come over and visit. Only then will you know what we mean. The Butcher Shoppe will take nothing for granted. All their meat products have passed meticulous quality testing. This way, everyone in the community is assured of only the freshest and best meat products.

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