Mixed-Use Concept Define The Future Of Shopping Centers

busy shopping mall

Shopping centers like Cannon Central Shopping Center have evolved over the years. Various malls across the country and the world over cater to the growing demands of the public. 

Gone are the days when shopping centers are only for shopping. The trend is clear that shopping centers should also cater to different facets of entertainment and leisure to make it more viable and sustainable.

Many shopping centers nowadays come with movie theaters, bowling alleys, skating rinks, and other facilities that were once impossible decades ago. This is precisely why the Mixed-use concept is the future of shopping malls. 

Understanding the needs of the modern “shopper”

The modern shopper wants as many options. By options, it means more activities to choose from aside from the usual retail shopping. The modern shopper is one who would go to check the center information in Cannon Hill to see what else is available on the premises. 

A one-stop-shop approach certainly works for the new breed of shoppers and mall revelers. A shopping mall with all of his needs and wants should be made readily available. Because of this, malls have now become a lifestyle destination more than a place for essential shopping. 

As this behavior has increasingly been observed over the years, developers have incorporated the mixed-use concept in their master planning and property utility strategies.

What is a Mixed-use concept?

The mixed-use concept in shopping malls primarily involves diversifying what it offers. Shopping malls are no longer used for retail. This brings in more opportunity for profit for mall owners, developers, and brokers. The mixed-use concept also seems a feasible endeavor in the attainment of ROI.

With shopping centers having other non-retail and more entertainment-inclined facilities, more mall revelers spend a significantly longer amount of time on the premises. Center visitors and guests can literally stay in one place the entire day and it may not even be enough. As such, they have more opportunities to spend on food, movies, sports, and other attractions.

Thanks to Mixed-use concept, shopping centers are getting bigger and better

As shopping centers try to accommodate as much entertainment and leisure facilities within the real estate, they need to catch up in size. At least for malls and shopping centers, size does matter. The bigger the better. As it gets bigger, more profit may be expected (granted that the mall is situated in a profitable and marketable area)

Not only does the main building get bigger, but the entire complex also does too. Some malls even have go-kart tracks, putting greens, driving ranges and so much more. Not enough space? Mall developers can acquire more land as possible. Not enough land? Well, there’s always the sea to reclaim.

The future of shopping centers

Malls and shopping centers will simply just get bigger and better. Even community malls will see a significant expansion in the next few years. Things may have significantly slowed down because of the pandemic. 

However, growth and expansion shall once again ensue. The moment human traffic normalizes, mall activities, and other developments shall also be on full steam ahead.

Meanwhile, going to shopping centers like Cannon Hill Shopping Center may not be a priority. However, it is best to coordinate with malls that are closest to home especially for essential shopping. 

Shopping Center websites usually have something like the “Contact Us in Cannon Hill” section to know more about their restrictions and operating hours. End of the day, staying safe is today’s greatest priority.

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