Your Guide To Rejuvenating Massage In Brisbane

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A rejuvenating massage is something that we all need especially after a long day. Getting one has a lot of benefits both to our bodies, minds, and soul. Luckily, we have a lot of places for it. Some services are even available at home.

In this article, we get to know more vital details about massage and the benefits it gives us. This way, we get to view it with more appreciation and understanding. So, if you think getting a massage isn’t for you, read on. It can change your mind altogether.

What is a rejuvenating massage? 

A massage is an activity aimed to promote relaxation, peace, and solitude. More so, it encourages blood circulation, eases muscle tension, and relieves any malaise. Its host of benefits (discussed more in-depth later) is astounding. Even health experts and practitioners promote getting one at least monthly.

There are two types of massage. Each type focuses on specific body parts applying a different approach. These two types are the following:

Facial massage 

This massage focuses on the face. But, it can also extend to the head and neck. The main purpose of this massage is to promote better facial skin circulation. So, skin elasticity and other facial elements work to improve its general condition. In some cases, mild acne may even improve through regular sessions.

The massage therapists use gentle upward strokes to avoid the skin from sagging. Also, they are careful and meticulous with the products they use on the face. This is to avoid skin irritations and other adverse effects that may get them in trouble. Products that are gentle with the recommended PH balance are their choice.

Body Massage 

Body massage is the most common type of massage. Many people resort to this especially during stressful times when they need to relax. For the most part, the session can last one hour. But, some massage places offer longer ones for better effect. 

There are different types of body massage. A better understanding helps you choose the most appropriate one for your condition. Here are some of the types:


If you are a beginner and are unsure of what kind of massage to have, this is your best bet. In Swedish massage, the therapist uses the following movements:

– Kneading

– Long strokes towards the heart

– Deep circular motions

– Vibrating and tapping motions

Deep Tissue 

If you are looking for more pressure, the recommendation is a deep tissue massage. It’s a good option if you are suffering from muscle issues like soreness. This type of massage is ideal if you had an injury or some case of imbalance due to an autoimmune illness. It can help relax tight muscles and even anxiety.


For athletes or those who are active in sports and other activities, sports massage is a good option. Having this massage is a good idea after having a muscle injury. Even better, this promotes better body performance to avoid future injuries. This is so because it promotes general flexibility. Sports massage may also relieve and reduce muscle cramping and anxiety.


Shiatsu massage is best for total relaxation. If you want to relieve stress and tension from day-to-day duties and tasks, this is for you. This Japanese massage offers the following benefits:

– Soothes the body to achieve calm and relaxation

– Relieves stress, anxiety, and even depression (for achieving that inner zen)

– Relieve headache

– Eases muscle tension and knots

The benefits of a rejuvenating massage 

Knowing these pieces of information should be enough to get a massage now. But, to further solidify the need to have it, here are its resounding benefits for the body:

Enhance mood and reduce stress 

Stress impales you from reaching your full potential. When worrying is imminent, your focus gets disoriented. Unfortunately, that makes you prone to mistakes and other wrong decisions. If you are stress-free, your mood and general outlook improve. As a result, your concentration improves enabling you to soar to greater heights.

Relief from back pain 

Back pains can be damning. It prevents us from doing even the simplest tasks. Worse, back pain may even make you feel feverish if not treated right away. Before taking any pain relievers, getting a massage may do the trick. After all, it may be an aftereffect of strenuous activity. Have that massage from a licensed therapist that’s skilled to deal with that pain in your back and parts.

Increases flexibility 

Most massage therapists perform stretching during or after the massage. It is to address the tight muscles which impede us from optimal tasks performance. Needless to say, This is necessary to loosen up those muscles and other knots in the body. Of course, when our muscle problems get addressed, our flexibility improves. As a result, we become so much better at doing usual tasks at work and at home.

Cures sleep disorder 

When we are anxious or suffering from aches and pains, a good night’s sleep does not occur. To avoid this, the body has to be in good condition. You need to be free from worries and pain that might get you up all night. Before seeing a sleep doctor or taking that pill, consider getting a massage first. At the end of the day, some form of relaxation may be all you need to get that restful sleep. 

Balance blood pressure 

Ideal blood pressure becomes possible through the following:

– The body is a state of relaxation and calm,

– There are no body aches and pains that may cause distress,

– Mind is free from doubts and other worries,

We all desire to be in this state and this is why getting a massage is important. It makes us achieve the points above without medication and other intrusive means. With a legitimate and trained therapist, you are in good hands. As you get relaxed, it is inevitable that the blood pressure goes back to its normal state. 

But, this is not to say that getting a massage is the ultimate cure for HBP. It only aids in keeping it in check. Don’t ever skip seeing the doctor when you have chronic high blood pressure. That needs close monitoring through medication (first) then massage (to help).

In conclusion 

With the types of massage above, you can now identify what your body needs. The process becomes easier because you know what you need from the therapist. This is something that s/he appreciates a lot. At least the massage proper can begin and you can enter the state of relaxation in no time. 
Knowing the benefits of a rejuvenating massage gives you a better perspective. That, at one point, our bodies need some pampering. With the beating it gets every single day, we owe to our bodies to give it some TLC. It happens with a massage, thanks to the skilled therapists in Cannon Hill Shopping Centre who provide the service.

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