Hungry Jacks: The Best Cannon Hill Fast Food That You Can Get

Hungry Jack's

The convenience provided by the Cannon Hill fast food is what attracts a significant number of people, especially in Brisbane’s biggest shopping mall. For years, fast food chains have played a role in improving everyone’s lifestyle. Undoubtedly, many individuals continue to avail themselves of this convenience. After all, that’s the purpose fast foods serve. Considering the demanding schedules everyone maintains, the idea of consuming delicious food within the shortest possible time is quite appealing.

As people realize the benefits of fast foods over the years, they multiplied like wild mushrooms. From its humble beginning, it has emerged to be a multi-million industry. Fast food has become a force to reckon with, completely changing how people view meals altogether. The proliferation of fast food, it redefined the idea of casual dining all over the world.

History of fast food 

Fast food does come with an interesting history. When did the concept of fast food actually start? Surprisingly, fast food or something that resembles the set-up can be traced to ancient times. The concept was all about buying freshly cooked meals from vendors. Since people during the ancient times, particularly in Rome lived in apartment blocks without a kitchen, they found it convenient and beneficial to buy pre-cooked meals. Their meals mainly consisted of bread soaked in wine, stews, and vegetables.

Other parts of the world do have the same concept of offering food for convenience. This time 2nd century China during the Han Dynasty. An interesting text speaks about many noodle stands open all night long for easy access to food. There are also bigger towns that sell other dishes such as pies, pastries, waffles, etc. to cater to those who wish to have food without having the need to cook themselves.

Fast forward to more recent history, Americans Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson opened the first White Castle store in Wichita, Kansas in 1916. Years later in 1921, White Castle is regarded as the first burger chain operated in the US. A couple of decades later came the more famous McDonald’s. More and more fast-food chains opened following the post-war economic boom and the popularity of automobiles.  

Currently, fast food chains dominate the entire world. The big names that started it all still operate with multiple branches all over the world with a billion-dollar net profit. Because of fast food’s profitability, many entrepreneurs from all over the world followed suit. They take inspiration from the big names, creating a little fast-food empire of their own. 

Fast food over the years 

These are the fast-food chains that helped shaped history:

1921- White Castle

1948- McDonald’s

The 1950s- Burger King and Taco Bell

1969- Wendy’s

The Cannon Hill fast food colorful history 

Australia also has its fair share of colorful fast-food history. One Cannon Hill fast food, Hungry Jacks does have an interesting story to it. For those visiting from the US, the sight of Hungry Jacks all over Australia may be something familiar. The colors, signage, even the entire feel of the restaurant might remind them of Burger King. They might even ask if Hungry Jacks and Burger King are somehow related.

Well, Hungry Jacks and Burger King are (somewhat) related. The story all began in 1971 when Burger King finally saw Australia as a potential market to further its international presence. Unfortunately, someone already owns the patent for Burger King. Hence, the same name can no longer be used in the country. The local franchisee (who happens to be a Canadian, Jack Cowin), still went for the business opportunity naming his franchise as Hungry Jacks instead. 

For many years, Hungry Jacks attempted to purchase the trademark for Burger King but has failed over and over. Despite the many failed attempts, Hungry Jacks still continued to open many branches all over the country. This then made Hungry Jacks the biggest Burger King franchisee outside the US, only with a different name. It didn’t take long when Hungry Jacks and Burger King’s relationship became problematic.

Hungry Jacks won

During the mid-90s, the franchise to Burger King finally expired. As it did, Burger King’s head office decided to open multiple Burger King stores in Australia. Interestingly enough, it seemed that Burger King competed against itself only with a different name, Hungry Jacks. Such an estranged relationship led to legal battles which ended in 2001. The result favored Hungry Jacks by having all the Burger King rights, Australia-wide.

What’s even more interesting? After about a 40-year battle to have the Burger King name, Hungry Jacks decided to keep the same name. It was determined that Hungry Jacks became locally established. It also had a uniquely Australian touch to it. As such, more Australians related to it thinking that it is their own and not some foreign brand flourishing in the country. Well, interesting may well be the understatement of the year in describing this Cannon Hill fast food past.

Why Hungry Jacks? 

Hungry Jacks is sure to have a lot to offer up its sleeves. With its colorful past, it is expected to deliver nothing but the best. It fought long and hard to keep its distinction so it will continually strive to keep up with everyone’s expectations. Yes, there are many fast-food chains all over the country. However, nothing beats Hungry Jack’s years of existence more so now. This year, 2021, marks its 50th year in Australia.

Flame Grilled Aussie Beef 

Over the years, the widespread growth of fast-food chains posed a huge threat to everyone’s health according to experts. To avoid food spoilage, a lot of additives and preservatives allegedly became one of the main ingredients of fast-food dishes. As many enjoy delicious food on the go, they are also falling trap to the unhealthy ingredients added.

However, Hungry Jacks is saying no to all of these. Their Better Beef Guarantee has no additives, preservatives, colorants, and other harmful ingredients. This Cannon Hill fast food is committed to bringing people the usual goodness of burgers without risking their health. What to expect in Hungry Jacks’ burger? Nothing but delicious, smoky, BBQ flavor. It is definitely a stand-out which pan-frying can’t achieve.

Served hot and fresh all the time 

No one wants a soggy burger. Absolutely, everyone despises stale ones, too. Well, no one has to deal with any of these Hungry Jacks. They are fully committed to having their burgers freshly made to order. Freshness means the world to this Cannon Hill fast food. Their Aussie beef is definitely flame-grilled in their restaurants served with fresh greens. This makes Hungry Jacks easily the favorite fast food of many Australians.

Customizability is another perk 

Brisbane’s biggest shopping mall is a hub of retail and entertainment, offering a wide range of shops, restaurants, and attractions. However, when it comes to satisfying your burger cravings, Hungry Jack’s has got you covered. Their recipes are carefully crafted by skilled chefs who have taken everyone’s preferences into account.

These esteemed culinary experts excel at balancing various ingredients and flavors to create burgers that cater to diverse tastes. They understand that each person has their own unique desires when it comes to burgers, and their goal is to meet those expectations. To ensure the highest quality and appeal, Hungry Jack’s involves thousands of people in taste tests and sampling sessions.

Staying true to Hungry Jacks’ customizability, their signature burger range means picking the most ideal serving size is possible. There’s one that’s over 1/3 pound or the Whopper in single, double, or triple. It’s always good to be given a myriad of options, doesn’t it? This Cannon Hill fast food surely means business by putting their customers as their top priority at all times.

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