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Fresh Produce Cannon Central

Cannon Hill Woolworths

Recent renovation of fresh produce Cannon Central store provides the community with affordable fresh produce- all day, everyday.

We proudly boast of a recently renovated Woolworths in Cannon Central Shopping Centre. Offering the best and fresh produce Cannon Central, we are even more committed to bring health and wellness to the next level.

Bigger and better store promises bigger and better space to accommodate all the fresh produce we can have. Since health is our top priority, we take immense pride for living up to our commitment.

Now, more than ever, everyone in the community has convenient access to fresh produce. Such a renovation took off and finally complete to primarily ensure that people are only eating healthy. 

With more choices than ever before, more Australians still pick Woolworths for their food shopping, 14 million every week. Woolworths or dearly referred to as “Woolies,” is a budget fresh produce store in Brisbane.

From fresh produce to the choicest home grown meat, we always pick the best for you. And it’s not just about price, it’s about the best fresh produce store in Brisbane. When it comes to the community, we’ll pick the greater good every time.

Woolworths make considerable contributions to our community and continually aim to keep it local.