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Amcal Pharmacy, a pharmacy Cannon Hill puts professional healthcare within reach of every Australian.

From prescription care to heart health support, and health tests to pain relief, AMCAL Pharmacy Cannon Hill’s growing range of comprehensive health services is redefining pharmacy care. It is making expert health advice and support more available, affordable and accessible to those in need.

Medical needs are one of the most important necessities, especially this day and age. Viral infections and other viral threats are looming around in every corner. Everyone has to be protected and immediately treated, whatever the case may be.

From our beginnings in the 1930s as Allied Master Chemists of Australia Limited (A.M.C.A.L.), we have grown to become one of the most widely recognised pharmacies. We are also proudly part of the largest network of pharmacies in Australia.

AMCAL Pharmacy in Cannon Hill is an integral part of local communities in every state and territory. We constantly deliver a customer-focused healthcare experience based on advice and information to improve health and well-being outcomes.

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Amcal Pharmacy is with you every step of the way

Whatever the situation is, AMCAL will always be on top of your needs. Given the unfortunate global pandemic, we have everything to boost your immune system. It is imperative that everyone stays strong in these trying times so immune system boosters are available.

We are committed to providing friendly service, value-for-money and, most importantly, expert advice. Pharmacy needs and much more are provided by AMCAL, a trusted pharmacy in Cannon Hill.

Even better, it is conveniently located within the community. You don’t have to drive far out to have everything you need from a professional and trusted pharmacy. With years of excellent services provided, you never can go wrong with AMCAL Pharmacy.

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