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The recent renovation of the fresh produce Cannon Central store provides the community with affordable fresh produce- all day, every day.

ALDI Supermarket, a trusted supermarket in Cannon Hill is always ready to serve the needs of the community. Since we opened our first store in Australia in 2001, we’ve been committed to making our prices as simple and transparent as possible.

Here are just some of the ways we’re able to offer you low prices on the best quality products.

How often have you stopped in the supermarket aisle trying to compare prices of different-sized groceries? Is it the small pack or the bigger one? At ALDI Australia, we are proud to be a trusted supermarket in Cannon Hill.

At Aldi supermarket in Cannon Hill, we offer true value and the highest quality product

Whether you’re buying food or non-food items, you can be confident every one of our products is of the highest quality possible. ALDI — a trusted supermarket in Cannon Hill, has a dedicated Quality Assurance team continually developing our quality assurance systems and processes to ensure this.

We offer true value and we’ve done the maths for you to prove it. ALDI unit pricing gives you extra information on your price card. It helps you judge the real value of your shopping. You’ll know instantly which item offers a better deal. With the combination of in-house and independent third-party testing of products, we monitor adherence to our strict specifications.

Facilities producing our exclusive brands are audited against Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised standards. ALDI also participates in the Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme (HARPS) program to align requirements for the growing and packing of produce in Australia.

You definitely would want to shop at ALDI Supermarket, a trusted supermarket in Cannon Hill. This is because we are dedicated to producing safe, quality items that meet or exceed your expectations!
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